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JM3 Oil Filter Wrench

GEN 3 MASTER Set 23 - JM3 Free Floating Ratchet- Unveiled at SEMA 23!!! JM3 Oil Filter Wrench-SET + LASER ETCHING FREE T-Shirt & Mini JM3 Bottle Opener

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Recent turn around time is 10 business Days-  Please understand that all tools are built here in America and take a day or 2 to process  two days to put together, so expect that your order MAY TAKE  At least a 1 week to ship out Thank You! If there is any inconvenience please contact us immediately.



The STANDARD SET covers Wix, Micro-Guard, STP, MoPar, and NAPA filters.

This revolutionary 5 PIECE design uses a unique shape to offer the most comfortable wrench servicing possible when dealing with your oil filters. This exclusive product features a small and compact design that is easy to handle, easier to store and is built to last. 

Comes in a natural, RAW steel finish, as well as custom powder coated options. Tools ship lightly oiled. 

For POWDER COATED TOOLS expect a 3-5 day delay for you order to ship!!!

Please refer to this sizing chart when ordering:

XL = 3.54"

L = 3.15" 

M 15 Flute = 2.87" 

M 14 Flute = 2.87" 

S = 2.48"