GEN-3 is located on PAGE 2 🛑GEN3 will NOT SHIP till JANUARY 1st! 🛑GEN 3 UNVEILING @ SEMA Show October 31 2023

🛑GEN 3 FREE FLOATING RATCHETING WRENCHS, are ready to ship Please allow 2 weeks as this tool takes a bit more TIME to BUILD 1//13/24🛑 *Backed by 2 NATIONAL Laboratories

Sizing Chart- NOT all SIZES & Brands Listed

JM3 Oil Filter Wrench OFFERS

5- Sizes for Standard and Motor Craft sets

3- SIzes for FRAM and MOBIL-1 Sets

Please see our sizing chart- Special sizes available upon REQUEST


ATTENTION- I APPRECIATE your Consideration of my PRODUCT!!!

Michael JM3-CEO

Patent #9789594

Example product title

  • Handmade in America

  • Veteran Owned-United States NAVY


  • You be the Judge

    JM3 wants “YOU” to be the Judge!!! We understand it’s New and Different!!!  I  back this Product 💯 as do many Famous YouTube, IG and TikTok Influencers.  If you don’t believe ME, Believe the Social Media Influencers you LOVE and TRUST!!! Ask RainManRay, FordBossMe, BeardedFordTech, ArodTechTalk, BustedKnuckles, and SEMA where we WON 2 GLOBAL AWARDS and Looking for #3!!! We Promise that YOU will LOVE JM3!!!

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