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JM3 Oil Filter Wrench

Master Set- 23 Wrenches -JM3 Oil Filter Wrench-SET

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Recent turn around time is 10 business Days-  Please understand that all tools are built here in America and take a day or 2 to process  two days to put together, so expect that your order MAY TAKE  At least a 1 week to ship out Thank You! If there is any inconvenience please contact us immediately.



The MASTER SET covers

1. Honda small

1. Subi Small

1. Subi medium

1. K&N/ Plastic nut cap style

1. 36 flute Motor Craft

1. 30 flute Motor Craft

1. 14 flute Motor Craft

1. Small Motor Craft

1. Standard xl

1. Standard Large

1. Standard 15 flute

1. Standard 14 flute

1. Standard Small 14 flute

1. Mobil-1 XL 15 flute

1. Mobil-1 Med 15 flute

1. Mobil-1 small Med 14 flute

1. Fram XL 15 flute

1. Fram med 14 flute

1. Fram small 14 flute

1. Stp large 15 flute

1. Hyundai large 14 flute

1. Harley Medium 15 flute


This revolutionary 22 PIECE design uses a unique offers the most universal set of wrenches on the market!!! This exclusive product features a small and compact design that is easy to handle, easier to store and is built to last. 

Custom powder coated options. Tools ship lightly oiled.